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  • CorrporateNetworkingParties

    Networking Parties

    Looking to meet some specific goals, meet some important business peers or mingle with your business partners? At Amassi Catering, we can make networking parties truly work for you with our well-designed menu & mouth-watering food dishes. After all, its food that gets the ball rolling!

    Delight your guests with great tasting food and you’ll see things falling in place! We’ll ensure that everything is streamlined with perfection so you guests love everything about the event!

    Let’s make it all work for you!

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  • CorporateProductLaunching

    Product Launches

    Entering into the market? Then you would definitely like people to remember it! At Amassi, we give one important reason to all your guests to remember the product launch. We work with you to ensure that the launch tastes delicious!

    At Amassi, we do everything with an artistic touch. We understand your event & your audience and work everything around it to make it work in the best way possible!

    Let’s register the product launch in your customer’s minds!

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  • conferance


    Planning a conference? Done with its agenda and all guests & speakers? Now is the time to finalize the most important part of it – Food. Connect with our expert team to decide the theme and complete menu for your conference. We’ll streamline everything to ensure that your guests are delighted enough to remember the event.

    At Amassi, we do that extra mile to deliver perfection & excellence. It’s our passion for food that drives us and it all reflects in our service.

    We turn Conferences scrumptious from boring!

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  • Corporate-Gatherings

    Corporate Gatherings

    Corporate gatherings can be sometimes real hectic! To charge your productivity, we ensure that the most enticing element of the gatherings is delicious enough to recharge your batteries. We understand your taste and deliver the flavors accordingly!

    Whether it’s your company’s Annual lunch/dinner, a training session or meeting with your business partners; the team at Amassi brings great taste to the table for all types of corporate gatherings.

    With scrumptious food, we make it all work!

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  • Corporate-GalaDinners

    Gala Dinners

    Gala dinners symbolize celebrations, happiness & joy. With years of experience in the industry, we exactly understand increase the magnitude of celebrations through food, the main element of any event!

    From selection of menu to presentation of food, the experts in our team guide you through the entire process to ensure that everything is well synced to the theme of the event and not-to-mention that we do it all with a touch of creativity.

    We’ll amplify the impact of celebrations with scrumptious food!

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  • Corporate-Business-Lunches

    Business Lunches

    Whether you have corporate delegates coming over for a visit or want to treat your employees for their great performance, Amassi catering meet your needs by adding the much required flavors to your corporate life.

    Choose from a wide range of menus specifically designed to meet your individual needs; you can select the cuisine that can delight the taste buds of your guests and we’ll ensure excellence in everything that we deliver!

    We provide the best service in town!

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Its not just Food.. We go that Extra Mile!

We Customize things to Delight your Guests & Magnify the entire Experience


Choose the menu that would cater best to the taste buds of your guests. Our team will help you select the best & we'll meet your expectations.


One of the most important quality standards that we adhere to is the use of fresh produce & high quality products. This is what makes it all taste so good!

We Do That Extra Bite!

We ensure that the presentation & placement of food syncs with the overall theme of the event. We ensure your guests enjoy every bite!


At Amassi, top most hygienic standards are maintained not only during the preparation of food but during transportation as well, ensuring the food is tasty & healthy.


With Amassi as your catering service provider, you just need to sit back & enjoy your event as our expert team ensures that everything is served on time & quality maintained as promised


Doing things with creativity is our forte. Whether its preparation of food or serving it to the people, we align everything to ensure it's done artistically well to entice your guests.

Glimpses of our Expertise

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